Pre-blog post!

Hello hello! Welcome to my blog, or blawg as I like to call it! (Sorry I really enjoy law related puns)

So you want to know more about me eh? Well I guess I will start with how I ended up as a second year law student at Oxford University.

Originally, I wanted to be a hippie musician, but then I realised my asian parents would never stand for it… Haha okay that’s a lie, in the end I just realised that I wouldn’t be able to cope with such an unstable life! So then I settled on the idea of being a doctor – until I realised I suck and I can’t even look at blood without feeling slightly nauseated! Finally, I decided I’d do law, it gives me stability, no blood and if there’s one thing I can do, it’s talk and talk and talk! So I thought, that would bode me well…

Long story short, I came to Oxford with hopes of being a super cool and clever law student, but one and a half years has shown me that perhaps I’m not meeting everyone’s expectations of me… So here is my blawg, how NOT to be a law student from a law student to you!

I hope you enjoy it and follow the rest of my journey to graduation (let’s hope…)!


5 thoughts on “Pre-blog post!

    1. Hi glenville1! I wish I knew how I got in! My only advice would be to really make sure you want to come to oxford – not purely for the name, but that you are ready to commit to a subject! If you are sure then just go for it! Why not?

      My teachers tried to put me off applying because my chances were so slim but for me, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity just because I didn’t even try!

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