Rule 1 – DO things to make you happy; DON’T do things that make you unhappy

So you’re probably like “well thanks for that Miss Obvious.”
But it’s something that I’ve realised my law student friends (Im just going to take a leap and call them my law buds) and myself, we just don’t abide by this rule!

I think being a law student it will feel like you MUST go and work in the City, and that you MUST become a social hermit, and that you MUST be a law abiding citizen! Okay, so you should always be a law abiding citizen. But everything else, that’s all just one of the options before you!

What if, what made me happy was going to work as an in-house lawyer? Or even if I wanted to become an inspirational speaker (not sure how many I’d inspire but just bear with me)? Or what if I just don’t know what I want to do yet?! Well, HNTBALS (how not to be a law student – haha that abbreviation is so funny for some reason!) would say:

DO IT! Paths are so rigid, but life is inherently fluid! Don’t walk paths, swim oceans!

Okay, something along those lines… The point is, if you are feeling disheartened maybe by a tutorial, or an essay, or by a lack of social life, well just find something you love and set some time apart for you to just be happy! 🙂 that’s often the best medicine, and if you’re stumped for ideas just go somewhere quiet and enjoy having a moment of peace!

So that’s my first rule of how not to be a law student – do things that’ll make you happy!

Go go go!

Yours truly,
C x



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