Rule 3 – DO stay chilled; DON’T heat up (panic)!

There are heaps of essay questions to answer with words that you don’t seem to understand: “legal positivism”; “semantic thesis”; “sui juris”; “donatio mortis causa”. Yes, the last two were not even English – despite what many may say, Latin is most definitely not a dead language. The time is ticking and your deadline is approaching. How oh HOW do I answer this essay question?!

[Insert break here]

At what point do we lose sight of why we are studying our degree? At what point should we say “thus far, and no further” (to quote Lord Steyn in White v Chief Constable of South Yorkshire)?

As law students, it’s very easy to get lost in manic schedules and panic and stress out about work – it’s only natural and I definitely do it more than I should! But taking a step back and looking at things in the round, there is more to life than a degree 🙂

It’s true, you can’t and shouldn’t just throw it away because you’re having a tough week, but I think it’s necessary and healthy to know your boundaries – when is the stress too much? When is it time you take a break?

For me, I know that at a certain point, I will completely break down because of stress/pressure (albeit I’m more emotional than most) so I know that when I’m on the brink of breakdown, no matter how impending and no matter how important I think my work is, at the end of the day, my health is more important. And so I take a break, watch some Friends/Suits and eat eat eat! Then when I’m stable again (I know I sound insane btw!) I’ll get back to what I need to do 🙂

But seriously, if there is one thing that is necessary for surviving a law degree it’s DO stay chilled and DON’T heat up! There’s a long road ahead of us, but we can do it!

Yours truly,

C x


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