Rule 4 – DO forget it; DON’T sweat it

Today I had my very last interview with a law firm, let’s call it X.

The interview was with a partner of X and a graduate recruiter from X. They were lovely, a bit too lovely actually. I got very comfortable, VERY quickly – to the extent that I talked to them as if they were my friends.

Perhaps this doesn’t seem like too much of a problem – oh if only. Unfortunately (in terms of job searching) my type of personality can sometimes come off as “crazy”. I talk non-stop when excited and often incoherently too. That’s not great when communication is apparently one of the most sought after skills by law firms!

The thing is, is that X is a really swanky law firm! Their office is shockingly high tech and modern – it made me want to work there! But in all honesty, I am 99.9% sure that I will be rejected.

Sad isn’t it? Putting so much effort into applying and throwing it away for being yourself.

I don’t think it’s sad at all!

So I will most likely face rejection, so I may not be in a very good position but I stayed true to myself. Also, if they don’t like me for me, then I guess it will be a bit problematic when it comes to working with these people in the future!

There is absolutely no point in dwelling on bumps in the road, even if the bump is huge and your metaphorical car just can’t get through! Honestly, what is the point?

I know that law buds can dwell on, what tends to be referred to as, failure or rejection, but these things happen and the world keeps going! If you dwell you’ll just stay in one place your whole life! But if you move on, then life gets interesting!

HNTBALS says move it! Forget it! Learn to love it! – something along those lines… Rejection and failure is just a part of life, but you have to just go with it.

So there’s rule 4, do forget it, don’t sweat it!

Yours truly,



4 thoughts on “Rule 4 – DO forget it; DON’T sweat it

  1. Coming from somebody without any formal legal education. I wanted to offer my interpretation of your post, rather than the law being an interpretational nightmare. Haha
    I could have interpreted your post completely wrong, but still have an important message.
    — Being yourself, and representing your beliefs, regardless of popularity, persuasion, or acceptance, should never be sacrificed for any reason. Especially by those who are representing others! You have not only failed to represent yourself but you have failed to represent others.
    Again I am not a lawyer, don’t know laws accurately. When you refer to rule 4, I just assumed you were referring to the American Bar Association rules of conduct truthfulness….
    Anyway, Liked your post… don’t mind my rambling


    1. Hi mastermindjedi! Thanks for your comment! I’m actually from the UK, currently studying law and I try to keep my posts entirely colloquial so that it’s easily accessible and so that readers don’t mistake my posts for being legal rules! I mean, if there were a legal rule called “do forget it, don’t sweat it”, I think I’d be rather worried!

      I completely understand and agree that being yourself and representing your own beliefs should never be sacrificed, but I would have to disagree that I have failed to represent myself and/or others. I am not a lawyer, I do not represent anyone. I am simply representing my own viewpoint. My blog (or blawg) is a representation of the hardship that that has come with studying law, in my case, at Oxford. This is why my blog is entitled “How Not To Be A Law Student”, and each post are the rules to how not to be a law student (HNTBALS).

      Really sorry to have misled you, however it is the exact point of my post that as long as you have been yourself, and you have presented to a firm your true self, there is nothing to dwell on – offer or not!

      I hope that clears things up for you and that you can now enjoy my light-hearted, non-legal blawg 🙂

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      1. No no…. You didn’t mislead me in anyway.
        But, I need to clear up one thing….. I didn’t mean to imply that you or (anyone) misrepresented others…
        (IF THEY ARE LAWYERS) I was only saying that those who misrepresent themselves will also do to their clients

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