Rule 5 – DO enjoy what you read; DON’T read for the sake of reading

Do you know what I’ve just realised? *cue some kind of epiphany music* When I really want to know something, I love reading about it! Another seemingly obvious point eh? But it’s that feeling of discovery, and of being able to disagree with leading academics, without feeling like you’re talking absolute rubbish, that is so satisfying.

In the bulk of my course I find myself reading for the sake of reading, and I learn so little! Things like the constitution of a trust simply do not stick (I hope it’s not just me…) The thing is, there is something interesting to read in every reading list, it’s just whether or not you can be bothered to find it. I am definitely guilty of being lazy and apathetic but FINALLY, one and a half years at Oxford has taught me that reading does not equate to knowledge. For example, let’s say you are asked to read about resulting trusts – instead of looking at the cases and thinking Omgosh there are just TOO many, it’s probably easier to think, oo I am curious as to what a resulting trust is… Ooo I wonder why there are two types of resulting trust…
Is the Quistclose trust a resulting trust? Whaaat, no way!

I mean, I can sit with a book in front of me and I can read an entire textbook if you force me to – but the thing is, what’s the point?

At this point you probably want to say that sometimes when things are really boring you just have to read and get through it – it’s a necessary evil – and I guess I agree to some extent… Sometimes a bit of reading will be so boring that quite honestly, I just don’t do it. But I realise now that that’s the challenge! It’s not getting through the actual reading itself, but rather it’s finding a reason to keep reading.

Reading for the sake of reading is as good as no reading at all – or at least that’s true in my case.

So when you next have to read something, consider how you want to approach it. You can think of it as a necessary evil or you can give yourself a reason to read. Think of it as a Sherlock Holmes type activity – you want to discover the truth but the only way you can do that is by reading!

Okay, maybe I’m getting a little carried away… Point is, try to enjoy what you read, and you might just find that you’re learning without even realising it!

Yours truly,



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