Equality anyone?

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When asked, I believe the majority of us would say ‘of course we should strive for equality’and would probably defend that claim to the grave. I certainly would.However, not many of us are faced with the follow up question ‘but why?’. When this question is asked, we are suddenly faced with a situation that is quite interesting in the study of Jurisprudence (legal theory): Do we value equality because it is,in itself,valuable? Or do we value equality only when it promotes other values?

Let’s assume our answer is the former, since I believe most of us would at least like to think that there is some value in equality itself,then we must surmount what has been dubbed the ‘Levelling Down Objection’ (LDO).To explain this let me first give you a light-hearted example. Imagine you have two lovely children, Anna and Ben, and you are having a day trip…

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