I woke up this morning with an overwhelming realisation of how unprepared I was for the contract law exam I was about to sit. I opened the curtains and looked across the road, just a couple yards away from my room were students in sub fusc, carrying notes and mortar boards with faces that read blank to me. All I could think about was how badly this was about to go. Surely, three years of studying is enough to equip anyone with knowledge to answer 4 questions in an exam. Surely, three years is enough. A feeling of nausea came over me. But still I donned my sub fusc, wore my white carnation and breathed. And after another brief look at my notes, I headed out to Exam Schools with my law buds.

We crossed the road and had to enter the Exam Hall via a side entrance which led us into this huge white tent. It was rather like being in a slaughter house (I imagine), all of us students, branded and counted before being sent to our inevitable end. But you know, by this point I had lost any feelings of nerves and was actually rather excited. I realised that no matter how badly this exam might go, as long as I sit through it, it’ll be

ME: 1     vs     OXFORD: 0

and that thought made my soul giggle. So the experience was actually ok. The exam went terribly – I mean, I was actually inventing law that I’d never read before. But the actual experience of sitting the exam wasn’t as bad as I’d built up in my mind. It could’ve been worse. My seat was comfortable, I was close to the clock so I didn’t have to wear my glasses to read the time. And at the end of the day, it was just another 4 essays I had to write in 3 hours. I’ve done it before, so what’s the big deal now?

See, now here I am, having sat that awful exam! Only 8 more to go and while I probably didn’t do too well on that paper, there is absolutely no point in dwelling on it. What’s done is done. The sun is setting on my time at Oxford. As my tutor advised, think of exams as a traveletor, once you’re on it there’s no turning back, you just have to keep moving forward. So full speed ahead!



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