Did someone say Budapest? 

I woke up this morning at 7, fresh-faced and ready for my flight to Budapest. For some bizarre reason though, I thought I had a lot of time, and it wasn’t until I was sitting in a café in my hometown having breakfast with my boyfriend at 9am that I started to feel like time was just a tad tight. And then when I met a fellow Oxford alum on the train to Gatwick, who told me his flight was at 13.00 I thought it was pretty much over. That would be the end of my adventure, a train journey to Gatwick.  

The train arrived at 10.38 and after a swift goodbye and good luck from my train companion, I jumped off the train and ran to Departures to catch a flight scheduled to depart at 11.15. Running through the airport with a little yellow suitcase was actually kind of fun. Actually, no, it wasn’t. But somehow I managed to arrive at my gate at 11! At that point, Mark Watney (if you haven’t seen The Martian, shame on you) and I were in alignment. 

From there, things actually became very smooth sailing. The air staff told me and a couple of others who arrived quite late that they’d ran out of cabin storage so they’d have to check our suitcases in, I pretended to be disappointed, but why would I be? It meant I saved all that lifting-suitcase-into-overhead-storage-before-takeoff and removing-it-after-landing hassle. And for free. I boarded the flight light as a feather and quickly realised the flight wasn’t full. The row behind me had free seats, and double the leg room of my original seat so I even shifted a seat back into an extra-leg-room-aisle-seat. 

I mean, there was one small hiccup – our flight was delayed by 45 minutes, which o.k. does make things a little more stressful. But that was all until I discovered something great: on-board-wifi. Yes, you heard me. Technology has advanced so much that they have wifi on a vehicle that’s up in the clouds. I was amazed when I found out the coaches to Oxford has wifi, so imagine my fucking excitement. And you guessed it, I am currently publishing this post using the wifi on board. Maybe I’m getting old, but I think that’s pretty crazy. I think they should call it Wi-fly

And with that glorious pun, I leave you in the air. 



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