First day in Budapest

Travelling alone is tiresome, but it does come with a hell of a lot of freedom. I woke up in the afternoon after a late night out last night but realised I still had the whole day, so I went to a local coffee shop for brunch and then headed to the Liszt Academy for a guided tour. 

Even though the Academy was difficult to find, the tour was amazing. The academy was simply inspirational. The best part was that the area surrounding the main building was dotted with pianos that anyone could sit and play at! I spent just enough time there to really feel immersed in music. 

After that I decided to go up Gellert Hill, which by the way is quite a trek despite what tour guides tell you, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find the Garden of Philosophy, which is really where I wanted to go to. In the end though it was a small hiccup because at the top of Gellert Hill the view over Budapest was phenomenal. 

When I eventually got back down, I headed to the Liberty Bridge where I saw people sat (as in on the bridge itself), so I decided to climb on and watch the sunset. It was amazing – all that was missing was a glass of wine and some music. But even without those things, I could’ve sat there all night. 

All in all, it has been a great day. And there’s still so much of the city to see – I can’t wait. 



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