There’s something about Vienna

We arrived at Vienna’s Erdbeg station by coach yesterday morning. The first thing that hit us was the intense heat! It didn’t help that we were all feeling a little hungover. In hindsight, buying coach tickets for 7am when we’d planned to stay out till 4am the night before probably wasn’t the smartest idea we’ve had this trip. We arrived at our hostel absolutely shattered and way earlier than check-in time, and our previous plans to make the most out of our day quickly disappeared.

Although our first night was uneventful, a quick research session in the hostel lobby revealed a rich trove of museums and galleries to be seen in Vienna. Very soon we realised 2 days in Vienna was not enough.

We were right. We managed to see exhibitions of Schiele, De Bruckyere and Klimt among others, but we had to skip out on so many things we had hoped to do. The city itself was a piece of art, each building majestic and grandiose. Being in the city was so much fun but most of all it was a limitless source of inspiration.

Travelling really does take it out of you though. In dire need of sleep and rest.


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