Hello from Zurich 

Yes, it is a work week and that’s right, I’m in Switzerland. To be more precise, I’m in Zurich right now when I should probably be in the UK. To be entirely honest, I don’t really know why I’m in Switzerland, perhaps for selfish reasons, but I’m here now. And it’s really fucking cold. 

Maybe it’s a little too cold. I don’t know, there’s always been something about cold weather that I kind of liked. Like the crisp cold air on a winter’s morning. And there’s something that I love so much about breathing into cold air, when you can see your breath like smoke in the cold air, I see myself breathing. When I see my own breath I feel like a child looking at bubbles blown in the air – transfixed and fascinated. For me, it’s just being reminded that I’m alive. And it’s weirdly satisfying. I guess that’s something I forget when I’m sat in a stuffy classroom talking about the Civil Procedure Rules. 

Having said that, I had a new tutor the other day, for my Law and Business class and it was actually fun. As usual, I’d done no preparation for the class but somehow that was ok this time. The tutor was this weirdly frank tutor, swearing and what not, kind of like he was high – high on life – and he was one of those people without a brain filter. He reminded me of me. When I had to leave early to catch my flight to Zurich, he not only told me to get him some Milka chocolate but he told me that he really likes having me in his class, and genuinely meant it.  And for the first time on the course I felt hopeful. 

And sitting in a coffee shop in Zurich now, I don’t know, I almost feel like I’m in a dream. 


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