Que Sera, Sera

Well well well, guess who’s back on the blogging scene! And you’ve guessed it, I am, of course, procrastinating.

Over the next two weeks I’ll have three more LPC assessments: an Advanced Real Estate exam; a Masters paper; and an oral assessment on that paper. And while my mental state is a LOT better than it was during my finals at Oxford, I have been somewhat ruminating on the idea of graduating from my student-stage-of-life.

See, I’m so used to assessing life progress based on my progression through the educational system… You know what I mean? Kind of simple, just taking life key stage by key stage:

Just like the system intended. I’ve made questionable life choices sure, but they didn’t stop me.

And 18 years since starting my education, I’ve only just realised that the system is about to spit me out, and I’m just kind of like…

That’s me thinking about real life. You know, life beyond the classroom walls.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I acknowledge that I’m in a better position than many post-graduates; at least I have a job (provided I don’t fail my assessments… Why am I blogging instead of revising again?) waiting for me. Yet, I feel quite unprepared…

No more half-terms, no more Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays. No more revising for exams and waiting for results. No more buying expensive textbooks that make you question just how much you’re willing to spend on a book you’ll never fully read. No more writing repetitive and meaningless repeated words that all point to the same thing solely for the sake of making up the word count. And the most troubling thought of all – no more student discounts. That realisation was pretty much when I decided I’d have to blog about this.

And so here I was ruminating over what my life would be like starting this August. I started to think up some pretty scary things – like having only 25 days of holidays a year. A YEAR. That’s not even a month’s worth of holidays. And I doubt I can take it all at once right?

And what about the idea of wearing a suit in this weather? OMG. It’s like 30 degrees in London today and it’s only June. JUNE!

giphy (1).gif

Ok, now that I’ve calmed down a little let me get to my far-too-drawn-out point (assuming I have one).

I think there’ll be a lot of adjusting to be done between now and August. I probably need to figure out a way to stop swearing for emphasis. Oh and maybe I ought to come up with a way to self-discipline – I don’t want to be caught blogging in the office…

OK I SWEAR HERE IS MY POINT – why ruminate over something that hasn’t even happened yet. We never stop learning in life. We started way before we were first enrolled in school and we continue way after we graduate from university. “Student” is just a label, not so different from “lawyer” or “trainee” albeit the “student” label does come with many perks I’ll miss… Oftentimes the most important lessons in life are learnt through living, not in a classroom. And so as I step into this new unknown stage in my life I leave my concerns behind.

Que sera, sera.



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